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Plug your event into Tixel and get x-ray vision on your audience. Revealing new buyers and market intelligence, Tixel has the arsenal you need to protect your fans from scammers, stay flexible and sell out sooner.

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Your ticketing + Tixel = a dynamic duo

15-40% of all event tickets sold get transferred to someone else. And for a long time, this process has been fragmented and full of villains.

Tixel is founded on flexibility and transparency. Our promoter tools allow you to take control of this market, alongside primary ticketing. Anti-fraud tech and capped pricing provides a fair place for fans to transfer tickets — while giving you tools to improve sales and sell out sooner.

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Activate your dynamic waitlist

Ticket sales are dynamic, so you need a sales strategy to match. Activate your Tixel waitlist to build a database of real fans, ready to buy tickets. Gauge demand, scale your capacity and sell extra tickets.

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Access ticket buyers in an instant.

With our live notification and pre-authorisation features, waitlist fans can set the price and quantity to snap up new tickets the moment they become available.

Gauge demand and flex capacity.

See how many tickets you could sell by scaling your capacity or adding a second show.

Release extra tickets before doors open.

Release additional tickets to the waitlist and instantly notify your waitlist without any marketing spend.

Reduce no shows.

Get more tickets in the hands of fans that can make your shows, increasing on-site revenue.

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Get x-ray

Access audience insights that were once invisible

When tickets change hands, these new fans never make it to your audience database. With complete oversight over both primary and secondary ticket markets, Tixel gives you powerful, more accurate insights.

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Boost your data by up to 50%.

Get never-before-seen data on the attendees you didn’t know were in the crowd.

Get the complete picture on your fans.

Tixel provides transparency of your waitlists and ticket holders, giving you ownership of your audience data for future campaigns.

Put your data to work.

Directly export custom audiences into Facebook and Google to target people who wanted tickets but missed out.

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Power-up your
ticketing strategy

Adapt to real-time demand with live market intelligence

Finding a ticket price that is juuuust right, got much easier. Tixel’s promoter dashboard features unique pricing intelligence by revealing what people are paying for tickets — as well as what they would be willing to spend.

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Unlock extra revenue.

Release discounted tickets without devaluing your brand or primary market.

Adapt to real-time demand.

Access live data to offer dynamic pricing and cater to active demand.

Improve your market intelligence.

Make informed decisions by knowing more about your fans and what they want.

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We support the resale of all
major ticketing

Tixel’s anti-fraud technology recognizes and blocks fake tickets from all major primary-ticketers.

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