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Tixel is the best way to sell Ticketek tickets to genuine buyers at a fair price.

Tixel is the best way to sell Ticketek tickets to genuine buyers at a fair price. Trusted by event lovers around the world, Tixel has helped hundreds of thousands of people change their plans — without getting short-changed.

Tixel is a safe ticket marketplace to trade tickets from Ticketek. Our integration means you can list tickets for resale directly from your Ticketek account. Easy as.

To resell an Ticketek ticket, simply login to your account and select which tickets you wish to list for sale. If you’ve forgotten your account details, never fear — we also accept official email and PDF tickets from Ticketek.

Unlike auction and classifieds websites, Tixel’s ticket resale offers advanced protection to both sellers and buyers — protecting fans from scammers and time-wasters. We use modern, anti-fraud technology and hang on to tickets until payment is received.

It’s ticket resale without the hassle. No bad vibes, just money back for any Ticketek tickets you no longer need.

Tixel is available to all Ticketek ticket types and all events: Music, sports, food & drink, arts, festivals, conferences, seminars, and more. If you bought it on Ticketek, you can sell it on Tixel.

How to list your Ticketek ticket:

Ticketek currently offers two ways of receiving your tickets - PDF (print-at-home) tickets and mobile tickets. If you received a PDF ticket, you can just upload the file on this page and in a few clicks your listing will be live.

If you have mobile tickets, Ticketek sent you the special mobile links by email and SMS. If you look closely at your original order confirmation email, there is a section that has links for each of your tickets purchased.

You could also login to your Ticketek account - Ticketek create an account for every ticket purchaser automatically, and find your tickets there, in "Order History" section.

If you click on "Mobile Ticket", you will get to the same link that was included in your original receipt and SMS confirmation.

Now that you have your ticket links, head to the SMS listing page and just copy & paste your links there one by one.

Click "Continue" and you should be able to finalise your Tixel listing in a few seconds.

After sale:

After your Ticketek ticket is sold on Tixel, please use the Ticketek's new "Share ticket" functionality to send the ticket over to your buyer.

To do this, head to your ticket link and find the green "Share ticket" button. Click on it.

Choose "Email" option and enter [email protected] – our special email address that will be scanned automatically.

Click "Share ticket" - you are done!